Ryan C. Otten

Osaic Institutions Wealth Associate

Ryan was born and raised in Springfield, IL, but has lived in big cities from Orlando to Phoenix, gathering experiences that make him stand out in the financial services industry. After graduating from Glenwood High School in 2008, he went on to pursue a professional golf management degree and was a golf professional for a few years. But numbers have always been his passion, so he decided to refocus his career. He did that by going back to school and graduating from the University of Illinois at Springfield with his BA in business and minor in finance. He plans to continue his education in a master’s program so he can continue to be the best point of contact for his clients.

With Ryan’s motto “Work hard, play hard,” he makes sure to enjoy the moments he can with his loved ones and two puppies. He understands the importance of being able to enjoy moments in life like supporting local businesses, going to church on Sunday, traveling, golfing and fishing, or telling dad jokes to anyone who will lend an ear.

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